Darwin Art Trail

Darwin Art Trail

http://darwinarttrail.com.au/ Meet the creator and the maker and explore the creative spaces of some of Darwin’s creative community. Ever wanted to look into the world of an artist and see how they create their work? Discover the secrets of their techniques and processes and the chance to learn first hand where their inspiration and motivation comes from. A diverse range of art forms such as kilned formed and flame worked glass, pottery, sculpture, mixed media and painting can be explored and discovered on the Darwin Art Trail. A unique opportunity for locals and visitors to Darwin to explore the studio spaces of 6 Territory artists and to gain an insight into how their work is conceived and then developed. It is also an opportunity to purchase unique and original artworks direct from the makers and creators of these works. The first Darwin Art Trail will be launched on Sunday 20 July 2014. The art trail is a group of 7 Darwin Artists (all of whom are members of Tactile Arts) who will be opening their studios to the public from 10am – 4pm on the third Sunday of each month from May to September. Please note Peter Jettner and Troya Bywaters , GetRocked Studio will  be open every Saturday and Sunday  from 10.00 to 4.00pm. The studios can be found in 4 different locations both in the Northern Suburbs and the Darwin rural area.

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Gerald and Kate tea break in StudioKate Bussey & Gerald Clapham – Studio Elevenlee

Pottery (functional, decorative and sculptural) Opening hours: Open the 3rd Sunday of each month from May – September or by telephone appointment
Address: 11 Lee Point Road Moil Darwin NT 0810
Ph:08 89689585
Email: g.create11@hotmail.com | katebussey3@yahoo.com
Web: http://studioelevenleent.blogspot.com.au/

Studio Elevenlee
A small ceramics/mixed media studio nestled in the heart of suburbia created by its owners Kate and Gerald. It allow them to explore their passion for creating the quirky, colourful and diverse range of pottery and art works. The studio and art works sprawl throughout the garden and house. Work stations and collections of recycled materials huddle under the shady trees, and seem to grow along with the garden in an organic mixture of colour, art and creativity. It is here you will find Kate and Gerald having much creative fun in bringing a little colour and artistic joy to the world to combat the humdrum of the daily tread mill.

Peter and Troya Studio 2Peter Jettner & Troya Bywaters – Getrocked Studio

Sculptures, collectible memorabilia, antiques, rock & mineral specimens Opening hours: Every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm ,or by telephone appointment
Address: 20 Bridgemary Crescent, Herbert
Ph: 0417 813 309
Email: pjettner@bigpond.com
Web:  http://getrocked.net.au/

Arriving in Darwin in the early seventies, we have lived in the rural area since 1993. Both our families grew up on farms, and we were taught to utilize whatever material was around to repair or create things. This gave us an appreciation of old forged steel and metal objects. We enjoy fossicking, collecting and exploring the great outdoors. It has been during this time we have discovered interesting pieces of rusty steel, objects and materials in all shapes and sizes. In 2009 we started creating sculptures incorporating our finds. Releasing our first pieces in the same year, we have since been overwhelmed with the response. Some of the most enjoyable aspects of making sculptures is actually collecting the materials, another is seeing the final result of a unique one of piece.

Jasmine studio 2 copyJasmine Jan – Jasmine Jan Studio/Gallery

Watercolour paintings, limited editions prints, cards, jewellery, kiln fired glass and mixed media. Opening hours: Open the 3rd Sunday of each month from May – September or by telephone appointment
Address: 75 Herring Road, Lambells Lagoon
Ph: (08) 8988 2307
Email: jasminejan@bigpond.com
Web: http://www.jasminejan.com.au/

Jasmine’s love of wildlife and the natural world provides her with endless inspiration in her art practice. Her studio/gallery overlooks a natural wetland and sits nestled amongst 105 acres of natural bushland, landscaped gardens and a sculpture trail which has been showcased in the Australian Open garden scheme. Visitors are welcome to explore the gardens and sculpture trail that surrounds the studio/gallery when visiting.

Marnie Jay – Bird House

Acrylic paintings and prints on canvas. Opening hours: Open the 3rd Sunday of each month from May – September or by telephone appointment
Address: 119 Watling Road, Girraween
Ph: (08) 8983 2030
Email: marniejayart@gmail.com Web: http://www.marniejay.com/

Born at Myilly Point, Darwin the year before Cyclone Tracy blew in, Marnie Jay grew up savouring the laid back, easy lifestyle of the Territory, its outdoor living, multicultural markets, camping ventures and sailing on Darwin harbour. These Territory themes often feature in her artworks. Marnie’s studio is called “Bird House.” It sits on a rural “Land for Wildlife” property at the edge of a conservation corridor. “There is such a wonderful array of wildlife around to inspire me.” Her love of animals and nature is the driving force behind her work. She translates what she sees, “stripping away the science of subject” into quirky acrylic paintings. As a child she made a pact with herself to always see the magic and wonder in the world and as an adult she aspires to reflect this in her work.