Troya Bywaters and Peter Jettner

Peter and Troya Studio 2

Peter Jettner and Troya Bywaters

Peter Jettner and Troya Bywaters work collaboratively in creating sculptures from rusted recycled and repurposed mining and farming equipment that has been salvaged from dump sites. They recently completed building a 100 metre square purpose built workshop/studio/gallery set up where they intend to continue developing their skills in creating sculptures and developing in the area of public art installations. The studio/gallery space has been designed so that visitors will be able to see them at work, enjoy a conversation with the artists in their workspace and learn a little bit about the history of the pieces that they have collected and are incorporated into their sculptural pieces. The gardens surrounding the studio/gallery building are being landscaped and will showcase a collection of their sculptures to demonstrate their durability and suitability for outdoor display in the tropics as well as showcase their aesthetic qualities.

Peter and Troya StudioArriving in Darwin in the early seventies Peter and Troya have lived in the rural area since 1993. Both of their families grew up on farms and they were taught to utilize whatever material was around, to repair and create things. This has given them an appreciation of old forged steel and metal objects.

Peter and Troya enjoy fossicking, collecting and exploring the great outdoors. It has been during this time that they have discovered interesting pieces of rusty steel , objects and materials in all shapes and sizes. In 2009 they started creating sculptures incorporating their finds, releasing their first pieces in the same year. Since then they have been overwhelmed with the response and they have exhibited at a number of members exhibitions and craft fairs associated with Tactile Arts and enjoyed a positive response to their sculptures resulting in many sales and commissions. Visit their website at